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Tamaskan Dog Register Governing body for the Tamaskan breed and a starting point for all things Tamaskan.
Tamaskan Breeders – North America Find a Tamaskan Dog Register approved breeder—learn about getting a Tamaskan puppy.
Please be sure any breeder is TDR registered—the only place to find a real Tamaskan.
Tamaskan Stud Dogs – North America Find a mate for your Tamaskan female.
United States Tamaskan Dog Club Support for all aspects of Tamaskan ownership, breeding, veterinary care, feeding, training and more.
International Tamaskan Forum Open-to-the-public discussion of the breed and ownership, including support, training, nutrition, and life with a Tamaskan dog.
Wikipedia article on the Tamaskan General information on the breed.
Kennel Club USA
American Rare Breed Association
Find out about and enter your dog in judged conformation shows, which evaluate your dog as a potential contributor to the breed's genetic pool. (ARBA was the first dog fancier organization to recognize the Tamaskan as a breed in its own right.)
Tamaskan Dog Register Facebook Group Social media focusing on the Tamaskan.