Eventide banner Max


into the woods

Max likes walks. He sniffs every blade of grass to find out who has been there recently. His chosen circular route always brings us to the yard of his buddies Maggie, Isis, and Wylie. If they're outside we go in and he plays with them for a while.

Max likes Tuesday and Thursday play days with his cousin Roo. They especially like the snow. He really enjoys having his half brother Kona (same mom, different dad) come to play and stay overnight. He loves to wrestle with his human dad. And he (mostly) likes our two cats, Rocky and Mookey. He also loves all the attention he gets during therapy-dog visits to the senior citizen dementia/hospice center.

at the C&O Canal

Max likes to play and investigate things at the beach or by the river, and will get his feet wet, but he won't go in the water far enough to swim.

He does not like riding in a car, though he no longer gets physically car-sick. He doesn't like being around other dogs and not being allowed to play with them.


Tamaskan Dog Sledding in Michigan's upper peninsula was not his favorite thing. He enjoyed playing with the other dogs at Evergreen, where we did the sledding with five other Tamaskans (the's dogs are training for the 2017 Iditarod in Alaska), but he did not like being hooked to a line behind the females. He's a lover, not a runner!

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Oloff.